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Dian Holding
Dian Holding Limited ("Dian") is supported by professional shareholders with strong financial knowledge and experience. Their solid experience in property market equips Dian to realize the pledge to offer you the unparalled convenience, top-notch services and the right solutions. With focus on understanding, caring and supporting the financial needs of all customers, we are here to support your from small loans to pay off your credit card, to big loans for your life long dreams, We believe everyone should have easy access to credit at a rate they deserve!

Money lender's licence number: 1215/2019.

We are committed in providing tailor-made loan solutions that offer you greater financial freedom by having cheaper, faster and easier borrowing.

Our services:
With its financial strength and credibility, Dian provides professional property loan services to cater different customer needs, including the First Mortgage Instalment Loan, Second Mortgage Instalment Loan, Mortgage Refinancing, Government Housing Schemes Loan and SME Loan without limitation on property types and Property's age.

Property types include tenement building, village house, office buildings, factory, shops, farmland, private property and car park. Our service provides to all property owners, accepting half or partial ownership owner(s).

For helping our customers to achieve their plans with ease, we provide personalized and flexible property loan solutions by giving you extra liquidity on your assets, allowing you to enjoy maximization of financial flexibility and opportunities.

With target on the general customers as well as the small to medium business sectors, we offer you all-round solutions with greatest convenience from online to offline, including mobile app, online platform, hotline and branches.

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" Warning: You have to repay your loans. Don't pay any intermediaries."